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How to Enter the code at /code from device or computer

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Online streaming of your favourite movies and web series has now become an inseparable part of our lives. No matter where we are, all that is on the top of our minds nowadays is to vent that stress that keeps on accumulating because of the work pressure of corporate life or the mess and muddle of our personal lives. We all need stress busters, which we do either by surfing online or watching our favourite shows and series and putting our leisure time to the best use. This is where platforms like are making headlines because of the content they provide. is your go-to destination when it comes to online streaming of your favourite stuff. Today, the way we want our social media presence to be much more personalised in regard to what appears on our profiles and the pace at which we consume content has been revolutionised by platforms like this. The platform offers a wide range of genres for streaming, including action and adventure, fantasy, romance, and suspenseful thrillers. Apart from these benefits, Amazon Prime provides a distinct category of non-fiction content, such as documentaries and life sciences like Animal Planet and Discovery.

In this blog, we will understand and learn about the code that you will need for linking your computer or your other devices to your Prime account. Amazon Prime allows you to link your account to the devices of your choice and preference. Let’s go deeper into the concept!

You must have an Amazon Prime account in order to watch your favourite TV shows, movies, web series, etc. online. Following this, you can link your account to your preferred device and enjoy high-quality online streaming. Consider the following steps for entering the code from your computer:

  • Go to the preferred web browser and type /code to enter code.
  • First, you need to sign up for your account, and then you can enter the code. So create your account if you are not already a member and log in with the details.
  • Enter the code at the above-mentioned URL and hit enter.
  • Whether the activation is successful or not, you will receive a confirmation message for that.

Now, in order to enter the code on your preferred device, consider the following steps for the complete setup:

  • Switch on your device, either your smart TV or any other portable device you wish to link. Go to the Amazon app after downloading it from the app store.
  • The app will prompt you to sign up for your account, where you will be prompted to enter an activation code to get your Amazon account activated on your device.
  • To finish the activation process, carefully enter your activation code at /code and adhere to any additional on-screen directions.
  • You’ll also receive a confirmation message once your account has been linked to your device.


The purpose of this activation code is to get your Prime account activated on the device of your choice. Soon after entering this single code, your device will be linked to your account, and you can enjoy the online streaming of your favourite shows, web series, and movies. The quality of your streaming is enhanced and truly unmatched. Enjoy the streaming now!

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